Refer a Colleague

Don’t bottle it up
Don’t hold it in
Whisper it
Yell it

Let your friends and colleagues discover the magic you perform every day!

Refer a colleague to an Accredited Kinesio Taping Course and give them a chance to add that extra tool to their toolkit – just like you did.

And as a thank you for being such a nice person to your friends, we’ll send you a bulk roll of Kinesio Tape…… Really?
Blue Bulk Yes really

The fine print
– The form above must be submitted before your colleague attends their course.
– Free bulk roll of Kinesio Tape only available to participants from Australian courses since 2009.
– If more than one past participant refers a new participant, the new participant will choose who gets the roll of tape (that’s fair right?).
– You can refer as many people you want. 1 person = 1 roll, 50 people = 50 rolls.